Superheroes of Hurricane Harvey

Heroes 09/28/2017


Beretta & Bold,

A Dynamic Duo of Insurance Superheroes

“Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all you do”

Taylor Dobbie and Michael McCormick are a dynamic duo that works seamlessly together to create huge value in the insurance industry.  

They have super human abilities that, when used together, can accurately target the heart of any industry problem and then explode with accurate brute force to destroy it.  

Their Superhero names are Beretta & Bold.  

Taylor, aka Beretta, has summoned the powers of his trusty sidearm from his time in the military.  The Beretta M9 pistol has been the military issue sidearm for over three decades because of its durability in hard situations, reliability when needed most and accuracy.  “Beretta” now has the ability to accurately target any problem and with pinpoint accuracy and reliability, he is guaranteed to hit his mark.  

This is a great power, but when combined with the power of Michael, aka BOLD, this dynamic duo is unstoppable.  “Bold’s” authenticity, boldness and brute strength makes him an unstoppable force when targeted by the pinpoint accuracy of Beretta.

Beretta aims – Bold fires – and any problem in their way gets reduced to dust.  

Give a huge THANK YOU to Beretta & Bold for their service to the industry, their communities and the victims of the recent hurricanes.  They truly are superheroes.

Meet the Heroes

Name: Michael McCormick

Claim to fame: Co-founder of Insurance Soup Facebook group and www.theinsurancesoup.com

Personal achievements: Being a father to three children.

Professional achievements: The ability to lead a revolution within the insurance industry and have 20,000 followers turning to him for advice, support and guidance across a variety of social media platforms.

Loves: Spending time with family, eating tacos and occasionally getting sleep.

Find him at: www.theinsurancesoup.com


Name: Taylor Dobbie

Claim to fame: Co-founder of Insurance Soup Facebook group and TheInsuranceSoup.com web site.


Personal achievements: Being the father of two children and husband to a beautiful wife.


Professional achievements: His role with Insurance Soup and its side projects.

Loves: Spending time with his family, enjoying hunting and collecting guns.

Random fact: He hasn’t shaved since the day he left the Air Force in 2012.

Find him at: www.theinsurancesoup.com


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Their Story


If there was ever a group of people in need of a super hero, it is the people left devastated in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. And while Taylor Dobbie and Michael McCormick are hesitant to take too much credit for the service they’ve rendered in Houston and the surrounding areas, it’s hard to deny the sound of their super hero capes swishing softly in the breeze as this dynamic duo unleashes their powers for the citizens of Houston and beyond.

Taylor describes “pain and devastation” painted on the faces of one young couple with a newborn as they were taken out of their neighborhood, knowing they would be coming back to nothing.

“Houses are completely lost in areas people were told would never flood,” Taylor says. “I’ve seen the aftermath of serious tornadoes in Kansas before but… this was such a larger scale,” he adds, shaking his head.

While Taylor served as the team’s boots on the ground, taking part in search and rescue efforts and shuttling pallets of supplies, Michael ran the online component to their rescue efforts: starting a GoFundMe page that raised more than $8,000 to donate to food pantries.

“I did all the heavy lifting while Taylor sat at home,” Michael joked about his online contribution as opposed to Taylor’s hands-on experience.

Regardless of the way in which each of these men helped, it was something they felt compelled to do, not because of their life as insurance agents, but because of their role as human beings.

“It’s just a love for people and always wanting to give back,” Taylor says, referencing the way in which he was raised, and the values he was taught during his time in the United States Air Force.

“Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all you do,” Taylor says, reciting the core values of the Air Force. “It’s instilled in my head.”


Their Mission


Despite the time and energy they’ve invested in helping people impacted by Hurricane Harvey, that’s not what has this Dynamic Duo’s reputation climbing upward “to infinity and beyond” in the insurance world. Rather, it is the revolution they are leading within the industry to provide more adequate resources for agents who are new to the industry; including more practical solutions relevant to the technology available today.

“There are too many dinosaurs lumbering around right now that aren’t making room for the up and comers,” Michael says and Taylor was quick to agree.
“The training is often about things that worked many years ago, but its not coming from people with boots on the ground right now,” Taylor says.


Becoming a Dynamic Duo


Taylor’s pre-insurance industry life included time serving in the United States Air Force. Following a medical retirement due to some back issues, Taylor worked on corporate jets for as long as he physically could. Then, he took a job with his wife’s uncle at a Farmer’s Insurance agency and “fell in love with the industry.”

In his words, “It escalated from there.”

Meanwhile, Michael says his path was “a natural progression in my career,” moving from mortgages into retail banking and ultimately he was recruited to open his own insurance agency. The idea was appealing because he had always wanted to build his own business, but never had any direction on how to achieve his dream.

Eventually, Taylor and Michael met while participating in a training program that ultimately “promised a lot and delivered a little,” Michael says. The silver lining, “it opened our eyes to what was possible.”

They discovered they shared similar frustrations and ideas, and developed a strong friendship and work chemistry. In 2015 they partnered with on a text and email automation platform. Then in the fall of 2015 they launched the Insurance Soup Facebook group. The group started with just a couple hundred participants and has recently surpassed the 14,000-membership mark, with another 8,000 or 9,000 connections on LinkedIn.

Since then, InsuranceSoup.com has become an invaluable resource for insurance agents, offering, advice, access to vendors, a place to share stories of success and teaching people how to learn from their failures.

“Some clients are afraid of failure,” Taylor says, “but without failures, you don’t know which way to go.”

“We’ve failed more than most people try,” Michael says.


It’s Like Kryptonite


When starting out in the insurance industry, Michael and Taylor say the most important thing is to avoid limiting yourself.

“One of our mentors said, ‘the only ceiling is the one you place on yourself,’” Michael says.


Other tips include:

  • Mind your budget. You should invest in your business, but don’t allow corporate to open your wallet.
  • Find agents who are tenured, but who are also the ones doing the large numbers and try to learn from them.
  • Invest in yourself. Push your education. Without you, your business is nothing.

Above all else, Michael and Taylor say the best thing agents can do to gain traction in the industry: Join Insurance Soup. This way, you’ll have access to extraordinary resources, other agents, years of experience and more.


Superhero Status


When it comes to being a dynamic duo of the Agents of TrACTION superhero world, Michael and Taylor both say their superhero power comes down to the ability to influence the industry for good.
“We never imagined we’d grow into what we have,” Taylor says.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t wish for a few more superpowers. Michael would love the power to lose weight, and to teleport himself wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Taylor would love to be able to read people’s minds.

“I would finally understand my wife and I would finally be able to understand all the agents out there,” Taylor says.

However, Michael thinks they are close to achieving at least a part of that superpower.

“I think in a way we are reading minds because we’re bringing things to the insurance agents that they’ve been needing,” Michael says.

“But I still don’t understand my wife,” Taylor quips.

You can learn more about all the power this dynamic duo is bringing to the insurance world by logging onto www.insurancesoup.com or joining the Insurance Soup Facebook group.

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