The Traction Academy

You Are Not an Island… Take Control of Your Sales

TrACTION Academy is an ongoing insurance agent training and support system for agents that feel isolated, unsupported or stuck spinning their wheels. It is a guaranteed framework for setting and achieving goals.

We are founded on three pillars of insurance agent training:

  1. Our positive habit forming Sales and Activity Tracking System – The TrACTION System
  2. Our weekly interactive virtual-team sales meetings – The League of Liberty
  3. A 10-level goal achievement accountability platform – The Academy



Action Tracking

The least expensive weekly sales activity tracking system available

We believe that huge financial success is guaranteed for every agent that joins the insurance business as long as they TAKE ACTION within a proven system.

We give you a clear path to achieving your sales goals. The TrACTION system uses your personal sales stats to show exactly how much activity you need each week to achieve your sales goals.

So we ask you, “Does your activity hit your sales goals?”

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League of Liberty

Team Support

Peer Mentorship & Accountability Team

The League of Liberty is a team of your insurance sales peers from around the country that are eager to help you succeed.

Large agencies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into training programs for their agents. But small agencies don’t have those same resources, UNTIL NOW.

Your team meets online every week to give you answers to your toughest questions, accomplish relationship building missions, and hold each other accountable. They help you not only survive but thrive.

The League of Liberty is the catalyst to the life you are looking for. Motivating you to be a major contributor to your family, agency, and community.

So we ask, Are you part of a community of insurance professionals that are willing to help you grow?

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The Academy

Habit Training

10-Level Goal Achievement Program

The fastest way to long-term success is to level-up through a process of results-oriented goal achievement.

Just like video games, The TrACTION Academy gives you actionable small-step goals through 10 levels that build you into a stronger sales agent, while making the process fun and motivating. By the time you graduate, you will have at least a $1M book of business, referral relationships that organically build your business, and the training and knowledge of the insurance industry ELITE.

So we ask, “Does your career feel like a drag or are you living a video game?”

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