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  • How to hold yourself accountable for the most important ACTIONs
  • How to find mentors that understand your problems because they’ve been there
  • How to take the ACTIONs that will build you a strong referral network

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Current MAT Meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 11:30 ET, 8:30 PT.

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Mentor & Accountability Team Meeting Agenda

:00 Call meeting to order with Roll Call

:01 Welcome new members of the team with a 2-minute intro*

:03 Advancements & Quest list congrats(agent recaps a quest list item that was checked off)

:05 Education Report by Senior MAT Counselor

:07 Mission Progress Report by Mission Leader

:10 Stats report by Junior MAT counselor

:12 2-minute critical question for each member*

:30 Adjourn meeting, members make direct contact to set up mentor meetings

*Each member has a chance to ask a critical question that they need help with from a mentor within their group. Other members take notes and initiate one-on-one mentoring meetings throughout the week.