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Tools & Resources 09/28/2017


New Insurance Agent Recruits!!!!!!!

No matter your agency, market or experience,……….

​TrACTION Academy  will propel you faster.

Join a team of Insurance Agents from across the country who are willing and eager to push you to achieve:

Book of Business

How fast can you get there?


Become a recruit for FREE

Our industry needs more agents like YOU

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The TrACTION Academy will train you in these 3 catagories:


Each level requires dedicated use of the TrACTION system and educational directives that drive them to become the best agent they can be.


Each agent is part of a Mentorship & Accountability Team(MAT) with directives to learn from each other and hold each other accountable. Each team will fulfill important missions together that build relationships with each other and their communities.


As Agents progress through the process they are given leadership responsibilities that stretch their skills and grow their confidence as a leader and satisfaction as an agent.
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