Mission Log

Tips & Tricks 09/27/2017

Mission Log

Your Mission,
Should you choose to accept it,
is to create relationships, excitement and value in your life and the life of others around you.  Agents of TrACTION are brave leaders that are willing to risk their comfort & complacency to take ACTION for the greater good.  Your Mentorship & Accountability Team(MAT) Leader will choose, lead and hold you accountable for your successful completion of this Mission.  If you are struggling with the mission at hand you can contact other mentor agents that have successfully completed these missions.  Here are some examples of missions you’ll encounter.

Try a Mission within our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group

Join the Agents of TrACTION Facebook Group for fun, relationship building missions

Take Action

Get Political

Contact the Mayor or other high political figure in your community and ask them what is the best way a young professional can get involved to benefit the people in your area

Art Class

Take an art class, could be guitar lessons, pottery, street art, cooking class, whatever you are interested in.  If you are already proficient in an art form you can schedule a showing of some kind. i.e. concert, booth in a local art festival, etc to demonstrate your art

Online Presense

Build a Team website promoting your business and expertise.  See if your company can link to it.  Be careful with this though.  It can be a huge time waster if you don’t set yourself a time alotment to finish and post it.  This should not take more the 3- 4 hours.

Party Time

Plan a party and invite at least 5 people that are only acquaintances that you would like to get to know more

Celebrity Freind

Contact a local celebrity.  Tell them you are doing research on the power of mentorship and you would like to know who their most impactful mentor is and how they have influenced their life.  Make sure you leave an opening to contact them with a follow-up question if needed

Create Your Own

Level 6 Agents and above can create a mission for their team.  there are only 3 requirements, 1-creates value for agent and others, 2-stretches you out of your comfort zone, 3-is not required to be in a specific location, gender, race, religion, political affiliation or age

Join a Team

Start or join a local team in a sport or activity that you enjoy, examples are basketball, chess, golf, boxing, biking, running, etc, it just has to be with local participants


Start a personal blog to document your adventures as an Agent of TrACTION and other adventures in your life.  Do it for you, not for anyone else.  This is not a sales tool, rather a tool to help you see yourself more realistically so you can improve

Serve Others

Join a service organization or find a need in the community and form a coalition to solve that need.  Nothing builds trust faster then helping someone in need.
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