Insurance Agent Toolbox Checklist

Nobody can survive in this business with only a phonebook and a phone. Every Superhero needs the right tools to truly become Elite. If you don’t, you’ll get left behind by the agents that have these tools. Through our years of experience and countless hours of scouring the industry for the best tools, here is our most up to date list for insurance agents. This list is not for the agency as much as for the agent specifically. Every tool in here should be provided by your agency but is low enough cost that it is well worth the investment by the individual agent if the agency won’t foot the bill.

The right tool is different for each person, but the types of tools needed remain the same.
If your agency doesn’t provide these tools, it is now up to you to take action and ask for them or buy them yourself. Invest the time & money to find the right tool for your organization and fight for it.

Our Agent of TrACTION Facebook group is a great place to bring up questions about what tools are out there and how to use them most effectively.

There are 6 tool categories that are a must for every insurance agent to truly become elite.

1. Prospecting Tools

Career Agent Concepts

Social Media Marketing Training
Starting @ $125/month
Read more about Career Agent Concepts

A training course for Agents to learn how, when and where to post on social media to drive more engagement, get more exposure, and open up more opportunities. Engage with specific communities on Facebook. Learn tactics to work with commercial and business owner groups on social media. Develop a team of referral partners and learn how to connect with affinity groups. They give you access to over 25 marketing strategies, 4 hours of organic lead generation training, and access to a private Facebook group to connect with other agents.

Lead Tracker

Daily Lead Log
Download Your Free Tracker

Track your daily leads over the course of the week to get a clear idea of your effectiveness. By tracking your efforts you will understand your results and how you can improve on those results. Download our free daily tracker to start yourself on the road toward insurance agent greatness.

Lead Tracker

Mobile Quoting and Proposal Options
Pricing Varies
Laptop Link
How To Start Mobile Wifi

laptop (get a good laptop in general), learn how to create a mobile wifi

2. Customer Education Tools

Find Your Superpowers

8-Step Training Program
Download Now

I’m not just promoting my own program here, it’s free and it works. This program guides you through eight steps to become a better insurance agent, from building your strengths to finding a lucrative niche market. It’s the best way for you to build a solid foundation for your career, and fast-track past the years of trial and error, trying to learn it yourself.

Clickable Coverage

sharable coverage education pictures
Contact for pricing
Check it out here

There’s more to insurance than the price of the policy.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your prospects knew that?  This education tool developed by Jeff Teschke(Forge) is seamlessly integrated throughout your agency website allowing visitors to click-and-learn about their unique risks and coverage options. In doing so, it focuses the conversation on the best coverage, not merely on the cost of the policy.

3. Relationship & Referral partnership Tools

Traction Academy

Education and Support Group for Insurance Agents
Starting @ $79/month
Join Our Community

We offer a group of insurance agents from across the country that want to help you succeed. We teach you how to hold yourself accountable for the most important ACTIONs. We help you find mentors that understand your problems because they’ve been there. And we teach you how to take the ACTIONs that will build you a strong referral network.

4. Closing & Sales Tools

Google Drive

Cloud Data Storage
Try Google Drive

If you haven’t already tried Google Drive, it’s a fantastic, and free, cloud storage application. This means that you can keep copies of your client’s documents in the cloud and access them form any device. The best part is, you can make edits to the document on the cloud. The edits are live and saved. You get 25GB for free, all you need is a Gmail account.

5. Customer Retention Tools


Virtual Meeting Software
Between Free and $20/month
Try Zoom

Zoom is a great software for virtual meetings, attendees can call in from their phone or they can join from their computer. You can record your meetings to your desktop and you can keep the same meeting address, so your clients don’t have to follow confusing links. They can keep you bookmarked and ready to meet. The free tier limits your meetings to 40 minutes, often cutting you off without warning, but for a low monthly price, you can have unlimited minutes and lots of other useful features.

Future Relation

24/7 back office staff
14 day free trial

6. Guidance & Direction Tools

Legal Responsibilities

Read the Article

Starting out you need to know what you can legally say to your clients and what you can be held liable for. Here’s an invaluable resource for making sure you are covered and taken care of.