Large agency sales team system for small agencies

Innovative system for bringing large agency resources to single agents.

If you are here, it’s because of one of three things:

  1. You employ a great agent, in which case congratulations, they are taking active steps to improve their abilities.
  2. You are a great agent. In which case we want to say thank you for working toward building a foundation of trust withy our clients and within our industry.
  3. Or a great new agent wants to learn the skills it takes to become a great agent like you. Which in turn makes you more successful.

We know your time is valuable and you have a lot of responsibilities. Your new agent as well as thousands of other new agents need help as they start in their career. You may be familiar with the recent articles about the brain drain within our industry, within the next 2-4 years 25% of our industry will retire. Unfortunately, recruiting efforts aren’t keeping up. We believe that the recruiting problems within the last few years has been with the inability to properly train new hires.

Without proper training and support, agents with huge potential end up leaving the industry to chase the quicker dollar. This creates a situation where seasoned agents who should be retiring feel trapped by their success. They feel like they can’t leave their staff and clients without a good agent to take care of them.

Our industry invests millions of dollars in training programs, but with all these courses, why are we failing as an industry? Why can’t we hire and retain good agents?

The major issue is that once people leave the training course, how are they help accountable for how they implement the training teachings? Between each training seminar there are huge gaps, that are left un accounted for. Everyone knows you go to a training course and lose 90% of the info before you even get home. Then you get back into your old habits and nothing changes in they way you operate.

They miss the one thing that miss achieve real results. That is, developing good habits.

Your Options

Your agent can save you $281 as one of the Chaos Core. All they have to do is refer the name and email of 3 other agents and promise to give honest feedback so we can make this the best training program possible.



$779 Annual

  • Weekly MAT Meeting Attendance
  • TrACTION System Download
  • Facilitation through TrACTION Academy
  • Periodic Coaching Webinars
  • Discount of Future Programs
  • Agency Owner Email Template
  • Video Explaining Program to Owner
  • Discount on Future programs
Yearly Subscription