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Were you left alone on Insurance Salesman Island?

Are you wandering through the insurance sales jungle without the right tools?

And sick of fighting the agent vs. agent civil war?

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What We Do

We take you beyond average insurance broker instruction and give you the ongoing training you need to flourish as an Independent Insurance Agent.

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Join our community and find the difference between success and failure in insurance sales.


Insurance Agents to Elite Superhero Training

Free Proven Method for Success

The fastest path to 3X your sales, working only with people you like, while spending more quality time for yourself or with your family is to specialize.

Examples of an insurance specialty could be industry-specific, I.E. Artisan Contractors, Fast Food Restaurants or Acrobatic Kazoo Bands. Or Product Specific, I.E. Cyber Liability Insurance or Key Man Disability Income Insurance for Red Heads.

This insurance specialty becomes your superpower and is unique to you. We’ll help you find it.

Find my Superpower

THIS IS A FANTASTIC PROGRAM! The weekly calls, the workbook, and the follow up was invaluable. Now I have some "traction" for a commercial niche.

Kris C. - Georgetown, KY
Independent Agency Owner

Of all the courses and training I've done, "Find Your Superpower" has by far been the most helpful. YOU MUST JOIN THIS ORGANIZATION!

Nick J
Independent Agent - Oklahoma City, OK

An extremely invaluable resource that has helped me figure out how I'm going to set myself up for success... a guiding light in today's world.

John H
New Life Insurance Agent, California

I have more energy and drive. My laser focus has narrowed significantly since going through the program. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS!

Brooke S
Independent Agency Owner -Southlake Texas

Tools for Traction

Access to our tools will give you a utility belt for success.

A builder wouldn’t just give their employee a hammer and say go build a house. So why do insurance agents get asked to build a business with just a telephone?

You need a better set of tools to become an ELITE Insurance Superhero, your utility belt requires the best tools. Get equipped with the tools that will allow you to not only compete, but become ELITE.

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